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Drywall Services
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Drywall Installation & Finishing
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     At CCU Construction we believe one of the most important aspects of any completed interior project is a properly installed Drywall System. It doesn't matter how good the foundation and framing are if the drywall is poorly installed or the final finish is sloppy and rough. 
     Most contractors sub-contract the drywall installation and taping to outside companies, which in turn sub out to other workers or individuals ... this is a recipe for disaster, and I am sure you or someone you know can tell a "Drywall Horror Story". There is nothing more frustrating than a bad drywall job ... in the beginning your project looks great ( if your lucky! ), then suddenly cracks start to appear, nail pops begin multiplying and bad joints glare at you in certain lighting ... now the few dollars saved by hiring the cheapest drywall contractor doesn't seem worth it. Sound familiar?
     At CCU Construction we hang, tape and finish our own drywall according to manufacturer specs. We use only USG products and go above and beyond the guidelines for their installation. All ceilings are double screwed, all joints receive at least 3 coats and we never water down the joint compound! Sanding is kept to a minimum and we only use an adequate grit to acheieve the finish desired without scarring the wall.
     We take drywall seriously and realize it can make or break a job. All of the interior photos shown on this site had the drywall installed and finished by CCU Construction, and in most cases we did the painting too! Take a look at some of our jobs and then choose CCU Construction to give you a lasting and beautiful finish on your walls and ceilings.
 New           Patch        Repair
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Seasonal Cottage Old Lyme, Ct
     CCU Constuction provided the drywall services for this basement remodel. In many areas we went over existing paneling and old sheetrock. Some areas showed signs of water damage or "wicking" because the previous installation was placed directly on the basement floorCCU removed the drywall up 16", cleaned the studs and plates with a bleach solution, added new insulation and then held the drywall up 5/8" from the floor to prevent any future water,mold or staining problems.
     CCU Construction does not bury or cover up existing problems,we don't want previous mistakes or issues coming back. We make the job right even if it takes a little more work.
Basement Remodel        Berlin, Ct
Drywall is key to the look of any job ..... Do It Right The First Time !!!
      CCU Construction was the General Contractor on this home in Branford, Ct after Hurricane Irene in 2011. The water damage was extensive and after weeks of waiting for the insurance company to settle and a week of 90+ temperatures, the mold and mildew was overwhelming
     We came in and gutted the walls 4' high and cleaned the studs with a bleach solution and rinse followed by a high pressure spray of'Simple Green' hospital grade anti-bacterial solution,  and rinse. After a 4 day drying period CCU sprays a coat of Oxy Titan,a photo reactive hospital grade anti-microbial compound. 
     After another 4 days to allow the Oxy Titan to react with the light and kill the microbes we insulated and installed the drywall.
     To see the entire reconstruction on this home, click here to visit CCU's companion site: 
Branford, Ct            After Hurricane Irene
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