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Daily Progress at CCU
Concept Sketch (Property of CCU)  8/12/2013
Tree Damaged Porch                              Waterbury,Ct
We have finished the carpentry ... painter has finished ... our customer says
"It's better than the 100 year old original!" 

I quess some companies still "Build 'em like they used to!"
Our Version
Job Progression Pictures ... Click any to Expand
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After Tree Hit
The Original Porch after painting
A 50' Maple hit this end of the house. Porch was smashed and everything shifted.
Many of the materials were special order and we had to wait. We built the rails onsite and modified the original design to meet code.
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     This 100 year old home in New London sustained serious damage after a fire burned through the walls and ceilings of a second floor bedroom. The pictures below show our initial efforts to remove the damaged materials and in coordination with the homeowner we are changing the interior layout to create a more modern and open space ...
Carriage House Doors                            Waterbury,Ct
Job Progression Pictures ... Click any to Expand
Job Progression Pictures ... Click any to Expand
One of our old customers has asked us to custom build a 4 door, Carriage House replica for their garage doors. These doors were designed by CCU and built in our shop ...  we began the on site installation this week and if the  weather permits will complete final painting this week ....
This customer has decided to blend a modern woodstove and audio/visual layout with the old fashioned farmhouse look of their original living room ... CCU has designed and built a modern component cabinet and a shaker style bookcase, added a natural stone veneer as a modern element in this living room update ... we have other pictures coming as the homeowner is waiting for their flat screen TV and they have also added additional projects in the stairwell area.
     We have most of the interior demolition and framing completed, we switched the old front door to the back door and enlarged the front door. The windows are all in and we are fine tuning  fir-outs and painstakingly preserving the old woodwork . The plumber and electrician will take two weeks to run the rough in work ... when they have completed their rough-in the New London Building Officials will inspect the electrical, plumbing and our framing changes and repairs.
All our inspections have passed we are insulating and will have that inspection Thursday. Drywall is being delivered Friday and the work we have done so far will come together. 
Drywall has been completed and doors and trim are being installed along with the kitchen and baths. Finishing details and painting over the next few weeks, things are looking good!
The homeowners have been back home since 6/16/2014, we have been finalizing exterior work and are doing final punch list items, the devil is in the detail ! We are clearing our tools out and happy to see another family get their home back after disaster strikes. 
On to the next challange!
Living Room Remodel                     Middle Haddam, Ct 
BJ's Optical                                         Wallingford, Ct
Fire Damage                                     New London,CT
    In late July, CCU was contacted by SCI management from Washington,MI to see if we could provide the metal stud framing, drywall and insulation, acoustical ceiling work and painting for an upcoming addition of an eye exam room in the optical department at the BJ's
store in Wallingford.
    CCU accepted the job and we began framing at 3:00 am on Friday, 8/1/14  and will have the job 100% completed on 8/11/14 and turned over to the owners that day.

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Kitchen Remodel                                     Meriden,CT
This couple recently closed on this eastside home, they called on CCU to help open up the floor plan and modernize the kitchen. We have  added a 'Strong Back' Beam in the attic which is secured above the trusses and allows the trusses to hang from it  taking stress off the truss and  preventing cracking in the ceiling.
The electrical and heating have been re-arranged and recess lighting above the new island and main cabinet walls has been installed ...
All our inspections are complete, homeowner has finished their painting and the flooring company has installed the laminate. Waiting on the countertops and the job will be finished ... the change is amazing!
Deck Add-on                                  Wethersfield, CT
        This Wethersfield home has a small 10ft X 10ft deck, just enough for some plants and the grill ... forget about entertaining a large group! In a couple of weeks they will be able to have the whole family over with the addition of a second level deck which will be 12ft X 16ft and connect to the upper deck and the yard. 
EPDM Roof & Deck Repair                   New Haven, Ct
This flat roof with a deck built over it has leaked since it was installed over 7 years ago by the original contractor. The insurance company has asked CCU Construction to fix the problem after two failed attempts by the original builder to stop the leaks. Watch as we help this homeowners nightmare vanish !
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Click any image to enlarge
Click any image to enlarge
   Just finished late last night but the roof is now water tight and the loose posts are secured with bolts and screws ... and the big rains today will be the test! When it clears we will correct framing issues in the deck and begin the installation of the new composite decking.
Restoration of Storm Damaged Porch     Hamden, Ct

Everything is wrapped up leaks and just in time for Thanksgiving !

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