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Insurance Restoration
Storm, Fire, Flood Damage ...Insurance Claims. We Can Help You Get Your Life and Property back to Normal !
     A bad storm left this home in Amherst, Ma. devastated after a sixty foot pine tree came crashing through the guest bedroom at 2a.m. After the tree was removed we arrived to clean up the mess and remove pieces of roof trusses, drywall, insulation and shingles. We temporarily secured the roof and were back the following week to start the restoration. 
  CCU rebuilt 6 trusses on sight that were actually better than the original ones. I am proud to say that after the initial incident not a drop of water got into the house and CCU had all repairs done in 3 1/2 weeks, including a brand new roof.  We restored the home inside and out.
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 Pick-up Truck vs. Apartment Building         Wallingford, Ct
Tree vs. House                                                      Amherst,Ma
Hurricane Irene vs. Cottage                               Old Lyme , Ct
     A driver ran through the side of this building on Cherry St. in Wallingford. After shoring up this 3 story apartment building the 2nd floor tenants were able to go on with their lives as if nothing had happened and  the landlord was able to keep his rents coming in. The field stone foundation was heavily damaged and had to be reinforced with 3,000 psi concrete and rebar. We completed this job in 14 days consecutively and were awarded the contract to complete the interior which was vacant at the time. CCU was there from start to finish!
   This cottage in Old Lyme, Ct is less than a quarter mile from Long Island Sound. Battered by 90+ MPH winds from Hurricane Irene in 2011, the interior sustained serious damage when areas of the roof were blown off letting rain water soak the interior. CCU gutted and restored the structural integity of this summer home and even added some architectural flares including a vaulted ceiling in the kitchen. The homeowner's uncle installed a new roof and CCU restored the interior ... new kitchen cabinets, doors/trim, floating laminate floor, tile floors in the bathrooms, new bath fixtures and shower, and a paint job ... now this seasonal rental is ready for summer 2012 and many more to come.
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Hurricanes Irene & Sandy Tidal Surge                Branford,Ct
     Hurricane Irene's tidal surge caused extreme flooding in Branford Point and the Indian Neck areas. This home is located on Ark Rd and is only 7' above mean sea level. The picture above shows the waters receding after Irene had passed, but during the height of the storm another 20" of salt water was in this exact spot, causing extreme damage to the first floor and framing of this homeCCU Construction was the General Contractor on this project after Irene and got the home restored to it's original status plus some extras! Unfortunately the following year Hurricane Sandy delivered a devastating blow to this home again and FEMA and local regulations required the home be elevated to 13' above sea level. CCU got the job done, both times, and now the home is out of the flood zone ... 
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     Insurance restoration is a job CCU Construction takes very seriously.The very nature of an insurance claim implies that a catastrophic event has occured resulting in severe property damage.
 Not only is the scope of the work wide ranging and needs to be performed by an experienced contractor but it is also time sensitive and in most cases an immediate initial response is needed. Property must be secured to prevent injury and further loss or damage. In most cases a preliminary cleanup must also be done.
     Now comes the challenging part ... dealing with the insurance company! 
     Getting your claim filed quickly is a key factor because there is a mountain of bureaucracy 
to climb and the sooner you start the better off you will be! I will be honest with you, patience is truly a virtue when it comes to resolving a claim ... restoration is a slower process than typical construction projects so don't get fooled by other companies' claims to get you back up and running overnight ... it really doesn't happen that way! CCU thoroughly inspects the damage and then generates documentation in the form of photographs, site notes, code requirements and reports 
so that we are fully prepared to negotiate with the insurance adjusters which have evaluated your claim initially. CCU makes sure you get the money that you are entitled to and we are commited to our customers being able to complete their restoration with little or no out of pocket expense.
     The claims pictured on this page represent the flexibility of our services and the dedication we have to safety, quality and dependability in restoring your property as quickly as possible. 
CCU will never sacrifice quality or professional ethics over speed and will always give an honest assessment of your claim.

Quick Response, Professional Ethics and Quality Service ...
Prospect, Ct
Bug and Dry Rot damage. Branford,Ct
Branford, Ct
Fire vs House                                      New London, Ct
     After an aggressive fire CCU restored this entire 2000 SF home. The water from the fire hoses damaged over 80% of the plaster walls ... the entire house was gutted, new wiring , plumbing and drywall brought this circa 1920's home into the present. Started the job when temperatures were in to single digits and got the homeowner back in by the beginning of June with a total makeover. See more by clicking here and going to our  Current Jobs  page then scroll down.